Description of Duties
Teachers are in charge of the classroom experience from beginning to end. There are three to four class periods per day and each period is a little over an hour with two before lunch and two after. Teachers are supplied with curricula and expected to maintain, adapt and improve curricula and student materials over the course of camp. teachers should have some teaching or leadership experience, be working on advanced degrees or be very well versed in their subject. Teachers work with groups of up to 14 students at a time and very often co-teach with another teacher in the same subject. Duties are mainly during the day but all positions are residential and teachers are expected to attend many other activities and help when there is a need or when asked by the Director.

Description of Duties
The Program Director position is a demanding but rewarding summer experience. The Program Director is in charge of everything during the summer program, and is primarily concerned with the safety and security of all students. The Director will live in the residence hall to provide 24-hour supervision. The position is perfect for someone who is detail-oriented, has management experience within an academic environment, and genuinely cares about the personal safety and future goals of the attendees of the program. Creative, flexible, detail-oriented energetic self-starters are generally the best program directors.

The Program Director is ultimately responsible for the entire operation of the summer program. Day-to-say responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Safety: Ensuring the safety of all staff and students. (emotional and physical)
  • Personal Problems: Availability for all students or staff who may have personal issues, and to be prepared to handle such issues appropriately.
  • Budgeting: Keeping spending on budget and maintaining accurate records of all camp expenditures.
  • Camp Communication: Communicate directly with BCS any camp concerns and speak directly with parents or wards of students.
  • Resident Advisors: Manage counselors, make sure they have enough substantive activities arranged for each night.
  • Planning all airport runs, contacting all parents who have airport pock-ups and triple-checking all airport pickups are executed flawlessly.
  • Ensure all scheduling is addressed. Provide timely and consistent information with regard to all program activities for staff and students. Address all customer service issues in a professional and timely manner.

Description of Duties
The Academic Director works closely with the Program Director and all staff to create a fun and safe learning environment for students. The promary responsibility of the Academic Director is to ensure teachers are prepared mentally for the classroom and physically supplied with the proper materials for a successful class. Experience managing or mentoring young teachers is helpful as is insight into the process of creating curricula and lesson plans. The Aacademic Director position is also available to assist the Program Director whenever possible.

  • Teaching Staff: Maintaining morale among teachers, sit in on classes, make sure all facilities and other needs are addressed.
  • Campus Connections: Work with campus staff to arrange for fcilities used by the program, for example the pool or movie hall.
  • Finalizing and preparing for field trips.

Description of Duties
Residential Life Directors (RLD) are in charge of all social and interpersonal activities during the course of the summer program. RLDs should have their nursing license, as they are charged with overseeing medical policies, medications, and the physical and mental well-being of all students. This position requires living in the residence hall with the students to provide 24-hour care and supervision.

Specific Requirements
RN or Nurse Practitioner.

Description of Duties
RAs live in the halls with the students, lead after-class activities, hall meetings and help directors and teachers with supplies, field trips and the overall running of camp. Experience being an RA, camp counselor or in another position of leadership is suggested.


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