How We Design Your Program

Designing Your Program

It comes down to: what type of program do you want? What do you need? What are your goals? Revenue… branding… admissions… augmenting and building on an existing program?

BCS will work closely with you to design the best strategy for running your program. This includes the five focus areas of Vision, Schedule, Curriculum, Pricing and Marketing. Each focus area is explained in detail.


We address the specific points you have in mind regarding your summer academic program. What kind of program would you like to offer? Do you want to attract a certain kind of student, such as Music students, Computer Science students or students with high standardized-test scores? Would you like your program to fulfill a social responsibility to the local community, such as non-profit and scholarship opportunities? Do you want to show a substantial profit in the books or are you more interested in attracting potential college students to the campus? BCS will design your program to suit your school’s needs and wishes.


Campaigns are tailored to the set of circumstances specific to your program. Variables include mailing lists you may already own, major newspapers and magazines in your area, community and campus publications, etc. We will create a course catalog for the program as well as any attendant marketing materials, like letters for prospective campers. We will also lay out all of your print advertising. Finally, after camp is over, we will provide detailed tracking and metric information about the marketing campaign to aid the marketing for the next camp season.


Tactics depend on the size, registration and starting dates, marketing plan and other specifics of your program. Typically, it takes 10 to 14 months to perpare. Your AE will detail a schedule and timeline for project completion to ensure your camps run successfully in all aspects.


We understand this is one of the most sensitive areas of any summer program. With our vast experience in summer camp pricing models, we help you decide exactly how to price your program. Bearing in mind the fiduciary responsibilities of the host venue, we can accommodate almost any request. We work for you, and we look out for your best interests while at the same time drawing on years of pricing experience. We also look at other programs held in your region and around the country to offer you comparison estimates and reasonable choices.


Curriculum details will also be worked out by BCS. Once you have chosen which programs you would like to run, BCS will discuss with you any additional costs or scheduling associated with procuring the curriculum materials. BCS has established relationships with many educational providers, and we have the ability to license almost any type of curriculum for very low fees and have worked with teachers from our host schools to create curricula as well.