How We Develop Curriculum

Developing Your Curricula

Who should have the final say over a curriculum taught at a camp on your campus? You should. No longer can fly-by-night companies teach whatever they want. It is your campus – your brand – and your program should reflect the values and culture of your institution.

On the other hand, if you want to say “Hey BCS just do the entire thing, kit and kaboodle, we know that you know your stuff, so just make us a great camp and we are going to sit back and watch the new applicants roll in!”

There are two ways in which we can create and implement your curriculum:

Style 1

Your academic folks create the curriculum. We love to source individual curricula on campus. For a psychology course, for example, we like to hire a member of the Psychology faculty to create the curriculum. In this way the course is unique to your campus and can take advantage of resources both on and off-campus.

Style 2

We license or create the curriculum of your choice. We ask that once a curriculum is developed, someone from your academic departments at least read the curriculum and approve it.

Intellectual Property

Your institution will retain the IP rights for all curricula. It is your program, after all!