BCS Provides

ANY or ALL of the below services, for new or existing programs:

  • BCS to manage your programs year-round;
  • A full color brochure specifically designed for your program;
  • A uniquely tailored Advertising Campaign, includes ad design and internet brilliance;
  • Social Media campaigns and postings: FB, SnapChat, Instagram
  • Ad placement in newspapers, magazines and campus publications;
  • An 800-number per program for potential customers to call and smart folks to answer the phones;
  • Mailing service for all brochure requests;
  • Health forms, and a pro system for handling these and medication issue requirements;
  • Liability and photo releases you can approve;
  • A unique website for the summer program;
  • A brochure request program;
  • A Camp Director you can meet and approve
  • Standard criminal background checks on all employees;

We provide everything necessary to create and operate a first-class summer program.  Call us for more details!