Why use B.C.S.

Vertically Integrated Revenue Streams

For schools starting a new camp: Choosing BCS to organize and run your programs offers many advantages over running the camp yourself or renting to another organization. With our system, you own the camp, build your brand and generate revenue. Hosting a private label camp is a branding tactic for you. And, running an academic program is one of the best ways to attract talented potential students to your school.

“Fantastic admissions tool. Attract affluent, high scoring students from around the country while you build your brand.”

For existing camps: Choosing BCS to help manage some of the time-consuming aspects of camp frees you and your staff to focus on the aspects of camp that you most enjoy. Outsourcing to BCS can help you save the cost of hiring an additional office assistant. Also, given our expertise in all areas of marketing, we can target more campers for your program and help increase your revenue stream.

The BCS Skillset

What would it cost you to employ a camp industry specialist who would work year-round to design your program? Would that person be able to cover all areas of Marketing, Operations, Recruiting and Hiring, Financials, Registration, Camper Safety and still have time for all the phone calls and faxes?

With b.c.s. you have the skill-set and experience of our whole company for less than it would cost to add another person to your payroll.

Academic Excellence

All curriculum are at the very least approved by your academic department heads, provost or other leader. The academic rigor of our summer program is integral to the whole experience, and it is important that the curricula reflect the courses taught year-round.


Due to our experience, we have already fine-tuned almost every operational and functional issue that could possibly arise. The program and campaigns we design for you will be of the highest quality and run without a hitch. Our focus is exclusively on satisfying the customer, that is, both you and the campers. We do everything in our power to make camp great. We have found that success at camp hinges on the three areas of camper safety, self-esteem growth and academic growth.

A New Admissions Tool

You may be building a new science center and want to create a new channel for smart, affluent math-oriented students. What better channel than your own profit-building summer program?